The final 100ms of the pavemant to Hotel is narrow and many cars pass beside you. It is dark 18.00(6.00PM) at Hiroshima on November. If you will arrive Miyajima-guchi terminal of tram after 17.00 (5.00PM), we recommend to use taxi. It costs 670JPY

Model Flight

    case 1case 2
    13:25 Frankfurt 11:25Frankfurt
    13:50Hiroshima 11:35Hiroshima
    case 3case 4
    11:00Paris (CDG)13:35Paris(CDG)
    06:55 +1Tokyo-Haneda09:20 +1Tokyo-Narita
  • Transfer from Tokyo-Narita to Tokyo-Haneda by Bus
    case 5
    10:45New York/Newark
    14:55 +1Tokyo- Narita
    16:30Tokyo- Narita
    case 6
    13:40 Frankfurt
    08:40 +1Osaka-Kansai
    case 7
    case 8
    11:00San Francisco
  • From Osaka-Kansai to Shin-Osaka Station by JR express Haruka: 60mins
  • From Shin-Osaka to Hiroshima by JR West Sinkansen :1.5hs

In Hiroshima

  • Hiroshima Airport to Hiroshima Station (Hiroshima Station Shinkansen Exit):60mins.
  • Use corridor from Shinkansen Exit to South Exit by walk.
  • From Hiroden(tram) Station outside of South Exit to Miyajima-guchi(Terminal) by tram line 2 : 60min every 9 mins.
  • Hiroshima Station JR-west Locat train to Iwakuni direction From Hiroshima Station to Miyajima-guchi 25 mins, 8 stations, almost every 15-20 mins
  • If you come to Hiroishima by superexpress surved by JR group. Change local train to Iwakuni direction at Hiroshima

Complimentary Shuttle Service

  • The shuttle bus service will be provided between " JR Miyajima-guchi station" and "Aki Grand Hotel" for gests of Aki Grand Hotel.
  • The busses follow the following schedule.
  • If you want to use the bus, please get on the bus in front of JR Miyajima-guchi station, or in front of the hotel.
Aki Grand Hotel to JR Miyajima-guchiJR Miyajima-guchi to Aki Grand Hotel
  • Appearance of shuttle bus.

To Tsukuba (ICPR2012)

By Train
    1. Hiroshima to Tokyo Terminal (4.5hs 4-5 trains every hour)
    2. Tokyo Terminal to Akihabara (10mins by JR Yamanote Line Inner Track for Ueno(Yellow-line) or Keihin-Tohoku Line for Omiya (Blue Line) at Platform 3-4 every 2 mins) Your JR fee covers from Hiroshima to Akihabara
    3. Akihabara to Tsukuba: 1h by Tsukuba Express (rapid commuter service). (→Tsukuba Express )
    4. Please go to the underground level station of Tsukuba Express after going out gate
By Fright